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Dean Benson to support Jeff Mills

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Our most recent feature DJ, Dean Benson is set to support one of the biggest legends in techno, Jeff Mills, in Melbourne this October.

As part of Melbourne Music Week, Jeff Mills will be playing a variety of different shows with the main drawcard being a unique live performance titled ‘Light from the Outside World’ with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the equally lauded venue, Hamer Hall.  Stepping off from the live performance Mills is also booked in for an extended DJ set at the Royal Melbourne Hotel, with none other than our local hero Dean Benson warming up for the legend. No simple task at the best of times as Dean himself explains “Warmup sets are always the most challenging as you want to be respectful to the international, and do a good job for the good of the party.”

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In what is sure to be a nerve racking but highly rewarding slot to be booked for, Dean certainly looks like the right man for the job having not only warmed up for Mills in the past but also playing support to other techno luminaries Len FakiRichie Hawtin and Luke Slater amongst others. Asking Dean how he prepares for such a task, he laid it down like this , “If it is an artist that fits in perfectly with the techno I play, then it can be a quicker process as I will have plenty of arsenal at my disposal. Otherwise I might have to do a bit more research into it.”

Going into more detail, Dean continues into his thought process saying the time “..would span across many weeks and sometimes months, while digging through music finding suitable songs to play. Then I’ll decide how I want to leave the international at the end of my set, then the in between part takes care of itself. The critical part is just hours of listening to the music. In short, all my free time is spent on working out what music I am going to play at my upcoming gigs, so there is hours and hours of preparation.”

DeanBeansonColourRectWanting to press Benson a little further about the hardest people to warm for he frankly states that “.. It’s a tough question, some of the bigger internationals I have played before, are all perfectly suited to my style, so nerves don’t really come into it much. If I had to pick one lets just go with Dave Clarke, I only got told the day before that I was going to playing before him and generally the BPM for Dave Clarke is getting rather high, so that was sort of being thrown in the deep end. Ended up being an awesome gig though.”

Dean Benson warming up the room for Dave Clarke.

Dean Benson warming up the room for Dave Clarke.

Tickets are still available for the October 10th show but we are told they are fast running out and you can check all the ticketing details here.



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