A Comment on SoundCloud and the future of AU Underground

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It seems lately in the wider music media you can’t escape the doom and gloom stories following SoundCloud. While our preferred music platform has been indeed plagued by stories of litigation and constant mix take-downs, AU Underground has thankfully thus far (*touch wood*) been untouched.

Here are some of the reasons why we have remained unscathed so far..

1) The hint is in the name. We are Australian content based – the majority of our content is from Oz and with many of the DJ mixes and indeed the Producer mixes we have featured containing a high percentage of either the artists own work and/or their close peers work we feel this gets us out of many possible sticky copyright related situations.

2) The podcast is presented. Being in a semi radio style format, we have a suspicion this bypasses some of the robots looking for copyright material, by having unconventional audio data, structure and/or waveforms.

3) Luck !

We love the aesthetic and reach of SoundCloud and will be staying on that platform for as long as we can. But we do not have our heads in the sand and we would be lying if we said we were not concerned. We are quite concerned !

And in saying that we would love to get your following on these other alternative platforms..

Mixcloud: (currently just for our weekly radio show we will be uploading the flagship podcast here soon enough)

iTunes: SUBSCRIBE to our NEW podcast feed on iTunes.

The best way to keep in touch with us though is by subscribing to our email list where it will be one email a month only ! No incessant spam ..we promise !

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And of course staying connected to AU Underground on other social media..

Thanks for your continuing support over the last few years. Stay tuned for “3 years of AU Underground” celebrations in both Melbourne and Sydney coming in October and November.

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